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The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us For Centuries, Western Science And Many Western Cultures Have Taught Us To Think Of Ourselves As Individuals But Today, A Revolutionary New Understanding Is Emerging From The Laboratories Of The Most Cutting Edge Physicists, Biologists, And Psychologists What Matters Is Not The Isolated Entity, But The Space Between Things, The Relationship Of Things The Bond By International Bestselling Author Lynne McTaggart , The Bond Is The Culmination Of Her Groundbreaking Work It Offers A Completely New, Scientific Story Of Life And The Human Experience, One That Challenges The Very Way We Conceive Of Ourselves And Our World The Bond Shows That The Essential Impulse Of All Life Is A Will To Connect Rather Than A Drive To Compete In Fact, We Are Inescapably Connected, Hardwired To Each Other At Our Most Elemental Level From Cells To Whole Societies The Desire To Help Others Is So Necessary That We Experience It As One Of Our Chief Pleasures, As Essential As Eating And Having Sex, And We Succeed And Prosper Only When We See Ourselves As Part Of A Greater Whole Every Conflict That Occurs Whether Between Husband And Wife, Social Or Racial Groups, Or Nations Is Resolved Only When We Can Fully See And Embrace The Space The Bond Between Us McTaggart Offers Detailed Recommendations To Help Foster Holistic Thinking, Cooperative Relationships, And Unified Social Groups Blending Interviews And Human Stories Into An Absorbing Narrative, She Shows How A Simple Daily Practice Conditions The Brain To Enable You To Become Empathetic Toward Others A New Way Of Speaking And Listening Can Overcome Polarization, Helping The Staunchest Of Enemies To Become Close Friends People Who Fire Together Wire Together Whenever A Group Works Together For A Common Goal, The Brains Of All Parties Begin To Get On The Same Wavelength, Strengthening The Bond Within The Group Fairness Is Powerful Than Unfairness A Small Group Of Individuals Committed To Strong Reciprocity Can Invade A Population Of Self Interested Individuals And Create A Fairer Society The Bond Offers A Breathtaking, Visionary Plan For A New Way To Live, In Harmony With Our True Nature And With Each Other, And A New Way To Heal Our Relationships, Our Neighborhoods, And Our World

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    Wonderful A new way of understanding the evolution, which is not a dog eat dog or supporting the competion but collectiveness and oneness Beautiful.

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    The premise of this book is that we re not individual organisms animals beings, but that we re all connected at the core It s exhilarating to read through Lynne McTaggart s extensive research into several scientific hypotheses, experiments, and conclusions that go into proving this premise I enjoyed the wi

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    We are inescapably connected, hardwired to each other at our most elemental level from cells to whole societies Love McTaggart books as she always shows the research behind her thoughts Fascinating info on cells being connected With the American society currently fragmented,McTaggart gives cause for hope plus method

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    This book is timely and well written and researched I quickly rushed through it the first time and will now revisit it and spendtime Totally out of the box and so applicable to the changes in our world and how we can shift our perspective.

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    sempre bom ler livros que nos inspirem a sermos a melhor vers o de n s mesmos.

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    Trouxe este livro da biblioteca sem saber nada da autora nem do que seria o livro a capa da edi o que li diferente desta e at gostei de alguns exemplos que a autora usa para tentar explicar os conceitos.Contudo, terminei o livro nada convencida nem l muito esclarecida sobre as ideias dela e a no o de que somos seres humanos mais fortes unidos qu

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    I was put off by lack of scientific accuracy, especially it is she who tried to use science to back up her metaphysical arguments I couldn t believe how Darwin can be underestimated while Hassan ibn Al Haytham is a good authority for her on science Franky I couldn t finish

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    The book is good, but I liked her other books, the Field and the Intention experiment wayStill, this woman is so knowledgable about this stuff, all her books are worth a read.

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    Lynne McTaggart has written a book, backed by the latest scientific experiments studies, clearly indicating that rather than being a species that thrives on competition and survival of the strongest fittest, we, and the universe as a whole for that matter, are hard wired to cooperate with one another Cooperation, empathy, a willingness to help one another is our nature What

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    A radical attempt to extend the foundations of scientific inquiry into broader realms of human experience A class of human experience spritual ,valuable and rarer than rational thought in terms of human values, health and deep happiness have been the heritage of many indigenous traditions all over the world This is hardly ever considered but totally ignored by mainstream science and m

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