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The Stars in the Bright Sky Reading The Stars In The Bright Sky By Alan Warner Out Of School Out In The World, Gathered In Gatwick To Plan A Super Cheap Last Minute Holiday To Celebrate Their Reunion Kay, Kylah, Manda, Rachel Finn Are Joined By Finn S Gorgeous Friend Ava A Half French Philosophy Student Are Ready To Go On The Rampage.

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    a sequel to the great The Sopranos no, not the US TV series but a book about Scottish schoolgirls, and tremendously funny and full of life Of course his Morvern Callar remains my book of the 90s. first came across Alan Warner when a Scottish temp at work lent me Morvern Callar in

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    I came to this after deciding that The Deadmans Pedal was my novel of 2012, pretty much To Alan Warner s credit, it s one brave task to take on a novel set overwhelmingly and claustrophobically in an airport, with a large cast of characters that are doomed to be marked down for no

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    Alan Warner s The Stars in the Bright Sky is his sixth novel and the sequel to The Sopranos This was my first taste of the author and to be truthful, I am not a fan There are many many great reviews for his earlier work and this one was nominated for the Booker Prize so I had looke

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    Quite dull, and, apart from the dialogue, quite self importantly and pretentiously written Very endless only Manda emerges as a real individual, and she is relentlessly unlikeable enough for that to be problematic The other girls remain muchindistinct perhaps we are supposed to reme

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    In Edinburgh, I asked a bookseller to suggest contemporary novelists, and Alan Warner was one of his recommendations.If this were filmed, it would look something like a Scottish version of Jersey Shore Goes on Vacation Half a dozen 20ish women meet at Gatwick, prepared to buy ti...

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    Warner has a keen ear for language and doesn t shy away from issues such as class and monetary divides, but the focus of this book is simply people in all their messy complexity This sequel to The Sopranos is a largely plotless novel about a vacation that never takes place, it s mostl

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    Some very good writing in this book about five young Scottish women and their Anglo French friend trying to get it together to fly off on a cheap package holiday The characterization is very well done, and the individual voices of the six young women are so finely tuned you rarely need

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    Nine years after reading the Sopranos, I am reunited with the girls less the unfortunate Orla.This time, they are meeting up in Gatwick Airport, attempting to book a last minute holiday What could go wrong with this Gang attempting to organise anything.The story is told almost totally i

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    The Stars in the Bright Sky see the return of the girls from The Sopranos or maybe some of them as I hadn t read that yet just ordered on , fingers crossed I did the banner thing right at the top and now I ve read this one twiceIn this novel, the girls and Finn s friend from Uni Ava are

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    The gallus, hellraising Catholic schoolgirls from The Sopranos have grown up, and are at Gatwick airport ready to book a cheap last minute deal and unleash themselves on some unsuspecting culture Orla has succumbed to Hodgkins lymphoma and her place is taken by Finn s London flatmate Ava,

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