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Black Edelweiss Black Edelweiss A Memoir Of Combat And Conscience By A Soldier Of The Waffen SS Is A Book By Johann Voss A Pseudonym Detailing The Experiences Of A Soldier In The Waffen SS.Voss Served In SS Gebirgsj Ger Regiment 11 Reinhard Heydrich , Part Of The 6th SS Mountain Division Nord Written In English, The Book Is Mainly An Account Of His Combat Service Against The Soviets In Northern Karelia And Finland During The Second World War, With A Shorter Section Describing Combat Against American Forces In The Vosges And In The Saar Moselle Triangle In 1945 Voss Also Recalls His Experiences Of Being A POW In The United States From 1945 1946, When He Wrote His Memoirs.

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    This book probably speaks for the majority of German fighting men in World War II, January 19, 2010I purchased this book as a source to peek into the mind of a Waffen SS soldier and

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    The writing style of the book seems to lack something, much of the combat is glossed over, the author instead seems to spendtime examining the personal struggle of coming to grips with realit

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    Incredibly interesting story, written by a very eloquent and clearly intelligent young solider of the Waffen SS Have read plenty of WW2 solider autobiographies, but always from an US Army officer viewp

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    Quite an interesting perspective from a Waffen SS soldier who went into combat in Finland, then, briefly, against the American troops during Nordwind.The book is, generally speaking, a recollection of the Author

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    I ve always had an affinity for the Finns the events on the Finnish front How many people evenknow Finland was an ally of Germany I found this book a good read covering not just combat aspects, but many of the details of

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    I m really impressed by Voss prose style and his eye for what matters in a particular situation He wrote this in captivity at the age of 20 21, which makes it all theremarkable, untainted by retrospection or future constraints on t

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    Besides the combat memoir, the author relates the reasons he joined the Waffen SS not the Allgemeine SS, which definitely are responsible for atrocities He didn t want to fight a traditional European war of one Western nation against another

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    Not your typical World War 2 memoir and a perspective that most Americans might not have been able to see before.

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    A heart felt and thoughtful telling of one young man s experiences all before the age of twenty one It is well written, easy to follow with ample explanation and maps At times quite insightful and sometimes very personal and harrowing, both physically mentally,

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    I enjoyed the blend of his battle experience and his battle of conscience in coming to terms with what the SS did at the concentration camps, Russia and on occasions at the front lines.

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