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I found this book really emotional in parts and very informative The Tangiwai train disaster is something I knew of only in an abstract form as it happened well before my birth The flashback accounts of survivors made it feel very real and completely devastating and horrific for those who survived and the rescuers who helped out I also loved the Maori perspective interspersed through the tale The modern day part of the tale is a bit contrived and fe Frances, a British seismologist, moves from the USA to Taupo, New Zealand, to join a research team studying increased volcanic activity on Mt Ruapehu Tensions are running high locally between factions who want to bulldoze the crater to try and prevent a recurrence of the 1953 Tangiwai disaster, when a lahar destroyed a railway bridge, sending a train crashing into the river, killing 153 people in one of the country s worst disasters, and the local Maori who feel the mountain should be left alone Frances is an expert in early warning systems and believes this is the best way of saving lives if the mountain erupts again She has a personal interest as her parents were involved in the 1953 disaster, which changed their lives.Written with flashbacks to 1953 from various participants, but set in the present, Love this book love how she sets it in New Zealand amazing book worth 6stars or This book had good points and bad, thus the 3 star review I wish the option for 2.5 existed The excerpts from the survivors of the train wreck caused by the lahar, which open each chapter are excellent These make the disaster and its aftermath poignant and personal As the train wreck had a direct impact on several of the characters and drives the story, along with the volcano that caused the lahar, I had hoped for compelling writing The main characters are Hollywood stereotypes Only the main protagonist has a back story, the rest are stock characters For a book where a volcano is an important player, the science is at a 5th grade level or was Googled There didn t seem to be any reason for the romances or the jealousies that occurred And that s part of the problem I think that if the author had chosen to write a much longer book exploring the characters, their interactions, the Maori myths, the political issues vs the science vs First Nations rights this would have been a much better book Several things that occur are just laughable the scene in the hospital after the protagonist is hurt on the mountain came right out of a Lifetime movie No one hurt like she was would have a cast on her arm, had her hair freshly washed and ready for visitor On Christmas Eve 1953, Shortly After 10pm A Lahar Torrent Of Water Gushed Out Of The Crater Of Mount Ruapehu And Swept Down The Valley, Fatally Weakening A Railway Bridge, Minutes Before A Packed Overnight Express Train Nose Dived Into A River At Tangiwai, In The Centre Of The North Island Many Of The 285 Passengers, Mostly Families And Young People, Were Asleep And 151 Perished In One Of The World S Worst Train Disasters For Maori The Tragedy Was Inevitable The Train Track Should Never Have Been Built Across The Volcano S Path Tangiwai Means Weeping Waters And Was Known As The Place Of Torrential Flows And Death In Weeping Waters, The Memories Of Tangiwai Drive Those Who Live There Fifty Years On To Look For Ways To Tame Ruapehu, Where Another Deadly Lahar Is Building Set Between 1953 And The Present Day The Novel Is Based On Events Surrounding The Tangiwai Disaster And The Conflict That Still Exists While The Characters And Incidents Are Invented, Many Of The 1953 Survival And Rescue Stories Are Based On True Events When A Young Vulcanologist Comes To Research Early Warning Systems On The Mountain, She Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Raging Debate Between Local Landowners, Iwi And Government Agencies With A Hidden Agenda Of Her Own She Finds Herself Torn Between Two Men, Each On Opposing Sides Of The Argument. Weeping Waters

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Weeping Waters book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Maria Nicholson author readers around the world.

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