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Tara: A Play In Two Acts Tara And Chandan Have Always Been Close They Were, After All, Born As Conjoined Twins But A Horrific Revelation Drives A Wedge Between The Siblings, Plunging Chandan Into A Cycle Of Guilt And Blame From Which He Cannot Escape One Of Mahesh Dattani S Most Popular Works, Tara Was Also One Of The First Indian Plays In English To Highlight The Dangers Of Gender Discrimination, And The Insidious Ways In Which It Operates In Our Society

About the Author: Mahesh Dattani

Mahesh Dattani is an Indian director, actor, playwright and writer He wrote such plays as Final Solutions, Dance Like a Man, Bravely Fought the Queen, On a Muggy Night in Mumbai, Tara,Thirty Days in September and The murder that never was , starring Dheiraj Kapoor He is the first playwright in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi award His plays have been directed by eminent directors like Arvind Gaur, Alyque Padamsee and Lillete Dubey Dattani is also a film director His debut film is Mango Souffle, adapted from one of his plays He also wrote and directed the movie Morning Raaga.

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    The first thing that I absolutely loved aboutTara is you simply can t keep it down No, you open it, your eyes skim through the setting and before you know, it has grabbed you and thrown you into the beautiful, witty, twisted and painfully sad world of the conjoined twins, Chandan and Tara What starts as a play about two self sufficient siblings, in a famiky where the mot

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    Synopsis Dan decides to write the story of his life It is his life as much as his twin sister s Tara, who is now dead He once was Chandan, a conjoined twin to Tara To write her story, rather lessen his guilt, he starts reminiscing about their past, from when they were fourteenReview Chandan and Tara were Siamese twins, conjoined from the chest down, who were operated upon

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    It was a good enough read I have realised I don t like dramas much because of the dry language The form just doesn t appeal me, and since I ve never seen one professionally enacted on stage, maybe the aversion isWhatever the reason, had to read this for class, so did The plot is good one, and I loved the non linearity of time The plot revolves around two conjoined twins Tara

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    One of the best plays that discuss gender performativity All the characters are highly political It raises too many questions with regard to sexual marginalization, misogyny, power and disability studies Dattani s play is full of life.

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    A drama that uses space and time in an excellent way, and includes specific music in its writing which I listened to, as and when it started and faded out It truly enhanced my experience of reading and made me feel like I truly saw a performance on stage.A beautiful piece that deals with complexities of human nature and gender based partiality in our society, which comes with it

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    One of the best plays I have ever read It was heart touching and heart breaking at the same time I loved the casual yet gloomy tone he had Mahesh Dattani is truly a master in his craft It s so hard to explain the emotions I was going through as a reader The feelings transcended from the pages of the play to the heart of the readers for sure I would love to watch it in real life Th

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    I am shattered I died reading this painful masterpiece I feel hollow from inside It s the weirdest feeling I ever encountered in my life Mahesh Dattani is the Lord of playwriting I could see faces, hear voices everything was in front of my eyes even when I haven t seen its recitation But unfortunately, I am dead Something happened to me I just don t know what.

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    it s a fascinating tale of perspectives, memories, gender discrimination, patriarchy, familial expectations, domestic relations, and many others in a dense fashion that is jarring and probably the intention of the playwright.

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    The stage is used well as is lighting The theme of the play is hardly touched by any other playwright The plot construction is really good as is the story Tara is really one of the best and meaningful works of literature.

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    First read of 2020, technically I m kinda overwhelmed.

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