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The Culling Trials You Don T Choose The Academy The Academy Chooses You I Had No Idea How Those Words Would Change My Life Or How They D Changed My Life Already Until The Day The Most Dangerous Man I Ve Ever Met Waltzed Onto My Farm And Left Us A Death Sentence In An Invitation My Younger Brother Has Been Chosen For The Prestigious, Secret Magical School Hidden Within The Folds Of Our Mundane World A Place So Dangerous, They Don T Guarantee You Ll Make It Out Alive If He Doesn T Go Our Entire Family Will Be Killed It S The Same Invitation My Older Brother Received Three Years Ago The Same Place He Mysteriously Died The Academy Has Already Killed One Sibling I Ll Be Damned If They Take Another I Do The Only Thing An Older Sister Can Chop Off My Hair, Strap On Two Bras To Flatten The Girls, And Take My Brother S Place Magic And Monsters Are Real Assassins Are Coming For Me, And The Dead Are Prone To Rise What S A Girl Faking It As A Boy Supposed To Do That S Right Beat The Academy At Its Own Game Or Die Trying Shadowspell Academy Book And Shadowspell Academy Book End With A Cliffhanger

About the Author: K.F. Breene

K.F Breene is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post,Most Sold Charts and 1 Kindle Store bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and fantasy novels With over three million books sold, when she s not penning stories about magic and what goes bump in the night, she s sipping wine and planning shenanigans She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and out of work treadmill Click FOLLOW for notification of new releases.Join her mailing list to receive BONUS CONTENT, free stories, and hear about the crazy goings on of her life Sign up here out her chat group on Goodreads

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    Mix Maze Runner with Mulan and you get this Kinda It s like Hunger Games Academy with Magic and MythicsSo in other words Wild is a not so average farm girl looking after her family after her brother and mother have died leaving her with a crippled father and 2 younger siblings to look after Along comes

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    So Much Adventure But With A Tsunami Of Tension Fear 4.5 Stars This is a YA series opener but I can, hand on heart, state that this could be read by a Grandmother I am one I did and they ll be as swept away as any teen I believe any age group is going to love it This tale is based on a family from Texas Origin

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    I m in the minority but I just can not get into this book I think the biggest problem is the parent withholding vital information troupe that the plot depends on in the beginning Then you go immediately into a survival situation but reasons I m going to stop at halfway and move on to something else.

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    Okay, why don t I have the next book right now Shadowspell Academy was surprisingly really good I definitely flew through this book. it just took me a long ass time to finally write the review I don t know why. but I have been in a Mulan phase Well, wait. a Mulan retelling phase I feel like every book I ve read lately somehow

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    2.5 3 stars for me So for some reason I had an incredibly hard time sinking into this I just kept getting distracted by not knowing what was happening The reader is just really thrown in and its sink or swim Almost no world building really and I found myself constantly distracted by questions which really hampered my progress in the

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    The heroine kicks ass, I love her The book is funny and filled with action It s a Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Vampire Academy mix Sorta No romance, so far Loved it

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    The Culling Trial is one of the best books I have had the pleasure of reading It was everything andI usually shy away from fantasy books that don t have romance in them but everything in this book was perfect Everything fell into place and worked beautifully.Wild is the female protagonist in this book An invitation recently arrived for her younger b

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    I liked it Not a lot of information back story was given yet it made for an interesting read I hope the next books gives usdetails.

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    The Culling Trials is the first book in the new Shadowspell Academy series by Shannon Mayer and K.F Breene and it s kind of a cross between Harry Potter and Maze Runner with a hint of Mulan thrown in for good measure We re introduced to main character eighteen year old Wild who has been helping to look after her family since her mother was killed and her father was

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    1 The Culling Trials 1 22 The Culling Trials 2 3 The Culling Trials 3 3.5 StarsA great and solid start to a new series, with a few minor issues I was hoping for a little romance but that s just my personal preference According to K.F Breene, that will change in the upcoming books and I m looking forward to it Wild was too composed and casual for an 18 year old who discover

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