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Fortune & Feng Shui 2019 BOAR PDF Fortune Feng Shui 2019 BOAR By Lillian Too Artimagazin.com The BOAR In 2019 Has A Good Life Force But A Weak Spirit Essence Yours Is The Sign That Dominates The Year And You Are Advised To Wear Sacred Amulets To Carry The Burden Of Hosting The Year S Tai Sui Happily, The Boar Is Flanked By Special Auspicious Stars And Has The Completion Star 9 This Year Very Lucky Indeed These Than Make Up For Your Weak Spirit Essence And Lung Ta The Overall Indications Of Your Chart Suggest That Life Is Good, Easy And Relaxing Things Come To Fruition Without Too Much Effort This Is The Kind Of Year For You To Reflect On Life And To Map Out New Directions.

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