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Grounded In A World Where Wings Gives Everyone The Freedom To Fly, An Artist Born Wingless Uses Her Art To Show The Winged World The Wonder Of The Ground But When She Meets A Recently Injured Police Officer Who Finds Himself Grounded, They Will Both Learn That There Isthan One Way To Soar

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    Grounded is a sci fi fantasy romance novel by Narrelle M Harris The story takes place in a world where humans have wings and can fly Flight is such an essential part of life that the flightless are considered to be disabled Benedick Sasaki is a former police officer who lost the ability to fly when he was wounded in the line of duty Benedick is bereft at the thought

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    Grounded by Narrelle M Harris is a sweet, empowering tale of renewal Benedick Sasaki has to learn to deal with his new reality No longer can he fly As he moves into an new flightless friendly building he meets his neighbor, artist activist Clementine Torres She helps him realize that there is beauty on the ground that those with wings never take the time to see She helps h

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    3 STARS YOU CAN ALSO FIND THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOGhonestly love and I m crazy about fantasy books featuring angels They are fascinating and interesting creatures to me I was attracted to Grounded because of this, because it s a book with angels on it Everything is focused on those winged creatures, it s a world where everyone is an angel, even those that are wingless or have wing

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    Grounded was set in a world of humans with wings Everybody can fly and if you for some reason can not fly, you are labeled as disabled Benedick Sasaki is a former police captain hurt in the line of duty and now grounded He meets his neighbor Clementine who is a budding artist who was born without wings They strike up a friendship and each help the other deal with life I instantly fe

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    A different world..a world of flying people Those that can t, are considered disabled I m thinking the winged are elitists for the most part A cop winged by a bullet has to adapt to his new life His neighbour is a feisty little non winged artist, I really liked her.As an accessibility liaison in my job I was cheering for the underdogs.This book was thoroughly entertaining, I was so inves

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    Grounded was a very different read from my normal genre, but the storyline was interesting and had underlying messages build in about disabilities and transitioning to new limitations I liked the concept, the characters were real, and I would definitely readfrom this author.

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    Was given a copy by the publisher for review and very glad of it I m picky about romances, but Harris is a very talented writer and her skill shines through in GROUNDED Also, I m a sucker for anything with wings.

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    3.5 Stars An intriguing storyline, believable characters made Grounded an enjoyable read for me I look forward to readingby this new to me author.

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    Grounded is one of the best paranormal romances I ve read It is smart and sweet, with some fantastic worldbuilding and genuine warmth between the characters.The book is set in an alternate world where humans have evolved from birds rather than monkeys While this world looks much like our own, and is, in fact, set in an alternate version of my home town it is clear the author has put a lot of thought into th

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    A sweet, well written story I really enjoyed this story, even though it was a little different to the usual romance stories I would normally read The characters were well rounded and I liked how the author took the characters a little further in their introspection than is often the case, and there are deeper themes as a comment on our society too I admit I found the sex scenes behaviour a little odd at times, a

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