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The Second Cure What a cornucopia of diversity and variety I found in The Second Cure The book s artful blending of genuine and speculative but convincing science, religious and political isolationism, gender politics, sexuality, intriguing characters and cats had me hooked An Australian setting too huzzah It s also one of the few fiction books I ve read that include characters with synaest 4.5 An extremely thought provoking read. Read The Second Cure Author Margaret Morgan Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Dark, Thrilling And Compulsively Readable, The Second Cure Is A Provocative Debut Novel About Control, Courage And Belief.A Pandemic Is Racing Through Our World, Changing People Subtly But Irrevocably The First Sign For Some Is Losing Their Faith For Others It Comes As Violent Outpourings Of Creativity, Reckless Driving And Seeing Visions.Scientist Charlotte Zinn Is Close To A Cure When Her Partner Becomes Infected Overnight Her Understanding Of The Disease Is Turned Upside Down Should She Change The Path Of Evolution As Australia Is Torn Apart, Reporter Brigid Bayliss Is Determined To Uncover The Dark Truth Behind The Religious Response To The Outbreak.Brigid And Charlotte Find Themselves On The Frontline Of A World Splintering Into Far Left And Far Right, With Unexpected Power To Change The Course Of History But At What Cost There is so much plot packed into this novel It s ambitious, clever, stunning in breadth and imaginative power The writing is at once authoratitively scientific, and compellingly plot driven More of my thoughts are below but they re a little disjointed Charlie is a scientist, concerned with finding a cure for a new plague affecting the world s cats Bridgid is a reporter, watching her world change and trying to keep the truth in sight These two remarkable women are embroiled in huge, world shaking events and forced to make decisions that will impact generations to come.The science in The Second Cure feels plausible, the political extremism even so And my word, did the pace ramp up in the latter half of the story I thought this would be a tale about a The cure, she called it, did you know that Not the cure to stop the plague This was the second cure she said The Second Cure hit me like a bolt of lightning I went into this novel with a fair amount of trepidation science fiction is not really my thing Or so I tell myself But this year alone, I ve read science fiction than ever before and each of these novels has been brilliant I ve loved them And so it is with The Second Cure, a genre blend of science fiction with dystopian themes written in a literary style Utterly captivating, horrifyingly realistic and ultimately uplifting I honestly can t recommend this novel high enough.Margaret Morgan writes with exception She presents a type of science that is not very basic in a very accessible manner, which was really lucky for me because my brain tends to become overwhelmed very quickly once anything becomes scientific But I really knew what was going on all the way through this novel Too bad Margaret wasn t my science teacher back in school For anyone who has been contemplating reading The Second Cure but has held off because of Gripping The science is fascinating and I cared a lot about the characters biologist Charlie Zinn, her artist composer partner Richard, their lovely dog Goblin, Richard s gentle mother Winnie, and his acerbic sister Brigid Biology specifically parasitology and epigenetics mixed with religion, politics, and the arts, makes for fascinating near future world building Very accomplished writing, particularly for a debut novel The style, plotting, and characterisation are Margaret Morgan s debut novel, The Second Cure, is published by Penguin I went to the launch put on by Newtown bookshop, Better Read than Dead, at Leadbelly Bar in Newtown The launch speech was given by Kerryn Goldsworthy, who said she had read the book twice and could read it twice again I know what she meant, as I came to write this review for it is such a complex plot that I did not feel I could do it justice on one read alone, and after skimming through it for the second time, I still don t I am not a lover of plot driven novels, or novels structured by an idea or a thesis On the other hand, I don t want to slot this novel into a box of political thriller or dystopian fiction for it is both and than that.I would not normally choose to read a novel of this kind But I did enjoy it it kept me turning the pages, and I have great respect and admiration for the complex structure and the convincing unravelling of a scientific quest for a cure for a pandemic of toxoplasmosis, which has mutated from the strain that is hosted by cats to one of plague proportions, hosted by humans The virus is spreading through the world, and its effects are both devastating and in some ways, liberating Charlie Zinn, a biologist, and her colleague A dystopia sort of with an eye to todays latest scientific discoveries that questions the notion of rational self interest and reason as the only influence on individuals and society In the last 10 years there has been a steady build up of ideas about biological processes affecting than just our bodies but what we like to think of as our minds, which in the Western tradition, we hold to be ethreal and some how purer than our bag of meat bodies For instance the influence of our gut bacteria on our behaviour and then there is the curious parasitic disease Toxoplasma gondii.These ideas mixed with the pessimistic research which suggests that conservative and progressive brains are wired up diffferently and we have the basis of this book What would happen if there was a species jump of a disease and what would happen if that disease changed our perceptions of the world in a dramatic and unexpec As soon as I read the synopsis for The Second Cure I was instantly interested Whilst it s unlike anything else that I ve read before I absolutely adored this book, the characters especially were so likeable and I quickly became invested in what was going to happen to them It s one of those books that makes you stop and think because even though it s essentially fiction you can t he I have just finished reading this book It is terrific Margaret Morgan manipulates complex ideas with startling ease while driving her narrative along at a cracking pace At once disturbing, humorous and highly intelligent, The S

About the Author: Margaret Morgan

After practising in criminal law, Margaret Morgan became a professional writer, screenwriter and script editor in television for many well regarded Australian drama series including Water Rats, A Country Practice and GP Margaret s short fiction has been published in Meanjin and Going Down Swinging, and her works for stage librettos for music theatre have been performed at major Australian art

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