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Vardaesia I M DONE.It s all over, and my heart is breaking.I don t know what comes next in my life, now I mean, other than, like, a billion re reads. To be honest, I m not sure I m going to write a review for this one.I don t know if I can.I went into this knowing nothing but the same cliffhanger we all got with Graevale, and I want that experience to be the same for everyone else who reads this book.I think if you ve come this far, you ve earned it.So I m not going to say anything about the plot Or the characters Or the moments I loved or loathed.I will say that I loved this book.I will say it was just as emotional as I expected it to be.There were highs there were lows.I had to pause often because things were getting so intense.This is a worthy conclusion to an absolutely incredible story, and it has firmly After binge reading most of the Medoran Chronicles last year, I m totally swept away by the creativity and the addictiveness of this series I loved how this book stays true to the tone of the series and the conclusion is everything you ever hoped for From Alex first discovering the Akarnae Academy, to learning about her abilities and gathering allies against Aven, it s been an i I am a mess of emotions and I don t think I ll be able to get my thoughts and feelings across in a coherent review so bullet points for the win Straight up this book made me cry not once, not twice, but three times I have stressed previously how rare this is for me I did the maths Around 2% of the books I read make me cry, and two books from that series are a part of that 2% And again, three times Not only did this book made me cry, I was even laughing while crying at one point Like, how Pretty much this book made me an emotional mess and I had ALL THE FEELS ALL OF THEM As always, Lynette Noni managed to write incredibly beautiful and vivid worlds that will forever stick in my brain and make me jealous that I can t actually visit them This book was a bit predictable at times but it also man Don t fear the shadows Make the shadows fear you What a way to end this fantastic that i have come to love and enjoy over the last three and half years, thank you Lynette for writing this amazing series Plot This book picks up after the events from the pervious book and Alex is now making her way to Tia Auras to try get the people to come join her fight against Aven and hopefully end up winning this war I have really enjoyed reading this story and watching it grow from where we first met Alex and how much of a long this story has matured and gone Most of this book is spent in Tia Auras where Alex and her friends must compete in 6 different task that will test them and finally get help from the civilisation living there A lot of these challenges test Alex with not only herself but also her friends, i did love how everything was brought into the open and everyone started to learn the truth with how things became so bad Alex for the all of this book is trying to fight between doing what is right and what is wrong but also is trying to fight her emotions after the traumatic fight that took place in the pervious book that resulted in the deaths of some pretty important characters I think the biggest death that Alex struggled with the most with was Nyix because of how much of a close bond they had with each other and for me it was the hardest death apart from Bear s dad that left me crying I love Alex and how big her friends mean to her and friendship plays such a big role in thi I can t believe this series is over I love this series so, so much and I thank Lynette Noni for writing it You are officially added to my list of queens, honey Firstly this book was the perfect ending to the series Page turning and funny with the cutest romance, this book was amazing And the plot twists and reveals, just wow I just have to say, Kaiden and Alex are one of my ultimate favourite ships because phew, those two are everything They re so f Having read the first four books in rapid succession and with little sleep about a year ago, I couldn t wait to get my hands on the final book in The Medoran Chronicles, Vardaesia, and I m glad to say it did not disappoint.The first half of this book has Alex and Kaiden travelling to Tia Auras to enlist their help in the upcoming showdown with Aven Alex and her friends are put through a series of tests to prove themselves, and while there Alex learns some new things about the ancient prophecy They return to Medora to discover that Aven has not been idle in their absence His evil escalates, leading to the ultimate violent showdown between Alex and Aven Vardaesia is full of action, revelations, reunions and romantic developments But best of all it has a killer ending There are some surprises along the way, and I loved how Lynette Noni wrapped this story up While I m sad that this series has come to an end, Noni has signalled her plans to revisit Medora in the future, so Download Vardaesia Author Lynette Noni Girlnailart.us When Day And Night Combine And Fight Against One Enemy,then Dark And Light Shall Meet Mid Strike And Set The Captives Free In The Wake Of Loss And Devastation, Alex Must Cast Aside Her Grief To Seek Aid From Those Who Banished The Meyarins Long Ago But The Proud Tia Aurans Care Little For The Woes Of Mortals And Demand That Alex And Her Friends Undergo The Gates Of Testing To Prove Their World Is Worth Saving.With An Ancient Prophecy Looming, Alex Must Confront The Secrets Of Her Past If She Is To Survive Long Enough To See The Future For If She Returns To Medora Without The Tia Aurans By Her Side, All Hope Will Be Lost.In This Explosive Conclusion To The Medoran Chronicles, The Fate Of Medora Hangs In The Balance As Alex Readies Herself To Face Aven One Final Time.Who Will Survive, And Who Will FallIf, However, Darkness Wins, There Is No Strategyto Keep From All That Will Be Lost, And So Will Always Be Sooo I only re read this last month, but it finally came out this week and this time, I re read it via audiobook I don t think I ll ever be tired of visiting the Medoran Chronicles Like, I honestly love this series and this world so much in a way I never expected to I feel like I ll be re reading this series and this book all year just because I I was so incredibly lucky to have received an early arc from Pantera Press best Christmas present ever , and I only have one thing to say Y all ain t ready. Absolutely phenomenal ending to what has been a breathtaking journey of strength, courage and friendship The Medoran Chronicles has been an Australian institution for the last four years and five books and a novella series later, it s

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Lynette Noni studied journalism and academic writing at university before completing a degree in human behavior She lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and can be found baking cupcakes, singing along to animated movies, or daydreaming about being swept away to a fantasy world Some days, she can even do all three at once and still find the time to sneak in a nap afterwards.