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Vivid Vision Quick, straightforward read Great for company planning or family vision casting Read it at the start of the new year and am inspired to get my personal and professional vivid vision statements together. Many Corporations Have Slick, Flashy Mission Statements That Ultimately Do Little To Motivate Employees And Less To Impress Customers, Investors, And Partners But There Is A Way To Share Your Excitement For The Future Of Your Company In A Clear, Compelling, And Powerful Way And Entrepreneur And Business Growth Expert Cameron Herold Can Show You How Vivid Vision Is A Revolutionary Tool That Will Help Owners, CEOs, And Senior Managers Create Inspirational, Detailed, And Actionable Three Year Mission Statements For Their Companies In This Easy To Follow Guide, Herold Walks Organization Leaders Through The Simple Steps To Creating Their Own Vivid Vision, From Brainstorming To Sharing The Ideas To Using The Document To Drive Progress In The Years To Come By Focusing On Mapping Out How You See Your Company Looking And Feeling In Every Category Of Business, Without Getting Bogged Down By Data And Numbers, Vivid Vision Creates A Holistic Road Map To Success That Will Get All Of Your Teammates Passionate About The Big Picture Your Company Is Your Dream, One That You Want To Share With Your Staff, Clients, And Stakeholders Vivid Vision Is The Tool You Need To Make That Dream A Reality. Excellent Book, gives you the strategy to build yours or your company s vivid vision This is quite practical book, the book used strategies like using the blocks of time , disconnect and mind map , unplug after certain amount of time and again start , building vision into the small programs , Where to go and where not to go Wonderful worth reading Every hippy, dippy book on setting personal and business goals I wish I had as much free time as the author. A remarkable tool for achieving success at a higher level in business and life Truly inspiration and information that transforms Karen Briscoe, author and podcast 5 Minute Success Interesting idea but repetitive contentNovel and interesting toolkit but repetitive content Could have been written shorter or sold cheaper Could be a medium post. This was an inspiring book I had to listen to several chapters before I was ready to tackle creating my own Vivid Vision, but I did it Then I shared my Vivid Vision with than a dozen people The author tells us what a Vivid Vision is, shows us his as an example, and goes through various applications of how it can help us make massive forward progress whether you re doing a Personal Vivid Vision, or creating a Vivid Vision for your company Mine was a bit of both since I m an entrepreneur Very helpful and I recommend. Say It to See ItThe house illustration is meaningful.I appreciated the professional and personal perspectives.I realized toward the end that I have been doing something like this with my daily declarations.These are simply statements of where you feel you are to focus attention.I highly recommend this book.Most people could read it in less than 2 hours.I bought it for 3.99 Very good investment.

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