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Deep Magic Oliver Evans Spent His Youth Spinning One Tall Tale After Another Until It Got Him Over His Head In Trouble Now He Has Returned To His Grandmother S Cottage In Aberdaron, Determined To Put His Past Behind Him And Settle Down But The Misty Ll N Peninsula Hides Dangerous Secrets And Olly Is Torn Between The Longing, A Powerful Force Driving Him Away From The Only Home He Has Ever Known, And The Growing Conviction That The Prince Of His Childhood Make Believe Is Real And In Need Of Olly S Help.There Is Truth In Olly S Stories Than He Realises If He Is To Have Any Chance Of Righting Past Wrongs And Rescuing His Prince, Olly Must Navigate The Truth In His Old Stories And Discover The Magic Right In Front Of Him But Olly Has A Powerful Enemy On The Ll N, An Ancient King Who Would Like To End Olly S Story Telling Permanently.

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    I had major doubts about reading this Three hundred pages for a free book Oh, come on I was prepared to be disappointed but my god, it was beautiful And I don t mean that in a flowery, sunshine y way.

    Like the photo above depicting our regal sea prince, Myrhydion, and his noble knight, Oliver Evans, this book is beautiful but has a haunting quality to it one which is eerie but not creepy It s like the book is enveloped by a lilting loneliness which I

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    3.5 Mesmerizing and magical, seeped in Welsh mythology and mystery, Deep Magic is a unique story that makes the prompt proud.It is, however, myth than romance By 70 percent, I was struggling to finish At nearly 6,000 locations, it s a hefty read I found the many side stories unnecessary and the plot too bogged down with secondary characters.I smiled at the Vegemite challenge, and I liked the morgen s sassiness My favorite moments were Olly s childhood memories his grandmother,

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    Slow, twisty story full of mystery, magic, and a warm feel of Wales This Welsh person was left very happy This story has a timeless quality stepping through myths, with a romance that ll form future fables It s slow moving but never drags, there s too much character and mystery for that It s hard to review because saying too much would spoil the magic, but for all the dreaming there is a measure of snark.It s set in Wales and being Welsh I took a deep breath before reading but wa

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    Have you ever watched the movie Big Fish It s hard to tell where make believe ends and real life begins That s Oliver Evans dilemma As a child, he spun so many stories of Knights and Princes, witches and fantasy, that he can no longer remember what parts of his childhood are real and what are not When Oliver was nine he met a crying boy in a cave To cheer him up, he told him the story of how he was a Knight and the boy a Prince They d have many adventures in the following years, un

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    This Is AMAZING A slow paced, enchanting tale of magic and adventure Gillian is the damn Pied Piper I d blindly follow her right off the cliff and into the deep any day.

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    Awesome readLoved the characters, their story, and the world they lived in With an otherworldly feel, with touches of sweetness and humor, and with brilliant little details Sir Spikesalot D , this fascinating story captured and kept my interest through every layer, through every reveal.A few small niggles, mostly how young the adult MCs seemed at timesand I would have liked world building details like how the morgen age in the water, if they age differently out of the water Overall, t

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    4.5 stars.The ending seemed as tangled as Dewy s hair at one point, and was dealt with it the same way cut short But on the whole pure magic I loved it to pieces And yeah, Vegemite Rounding up to 5 just for that

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    I really enjoyed submerging into this story of a young man trying to reclaim his past, of merfolk and mythology and a fairy tale feel in a modern setting There s a mystery, and plenty of adventure, and a slow human merman romance, with some fun quirks and a little angst Oliver was always one to make up stories, and as an adult, he returns to his childhood haunts on the Welsh coast unsure of what he made up, and what he really remembers His Nan is gone, having left him her solitary home, an

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    4.5 stars An excellent free m m fantasy novel set in north Wales Following the death of his grandmother, 23 year old Oliver Evans returns from Australia to his hometown of Aberdaron after a seven year break Ollie begins to recall the mysterious young boy that he befriended in the cave on the shore all those years ago Full of myth and magic, not to be missed

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    Deep Magic is actually 3 books in one it starts as some kind of old fashioned gothic tale that turns fast into an adolescent adventure with caves and cliffs and treasure hunts and finding best friends in odd places one of those adventures I couldn t read enough in my youth and probably still can t get enough just on a different level to finally move into an urban fantasy with just so much romance that it doesn t disrupt its adventure character.I surely enjoyed it so much because I find it so e

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