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Dread: A game of horror and hope Reading Dread A Game Of Horror And Hope By Epidiah Ravachol Undercostruction.eu Dread Is A Game Of Horror And Hope Those Who Play Will Participate In A Mutual Telling Of An Original Macabre Tale The Goal Of Dread Is To Sustain The Delicate Atmosphere That Invokes The Hand Quivering Emotion That Lends Its Name To The Game The Thrill Of A Dread Game Lies Within The Tension Between Desire And Loss You Will Take On The Role Of Someone Trapped In A Story That Is Only As Compelling As It Is Hostile Someone Who Will Find Themselves Making Decisions We Hope Never To Face In Real Life During A Dread Game You And Your Friends Will Create Characters To Populate Your Own Brand Of Horror Story This Character Creation Is Done Through A Questionnaire That Is Created By The Player Who Is Hosting The Game Each Questionnaire Provides A Skeleton Of A Character For One Of The Players To Flesh Out With Their Answers, Creating The Character They Want To Play In This Way, Characters Are Molded To The Story By The Host, And Shaped To The Players Fancy As The Game Begins, The Host Sets The First Scene For The Horror Tale Everyone Is About To Participate In The Other Players Interject With Questions And Explanations Of What Their Characters Are Doing When A Character Attempts A Task Beyond Their Capabilities, It S Time To Turn To The Tower A Stack Of Blocks, Such As The Jenga Game, Placed Within Reach Of Everyone At The Table Players Allow Their Characters To Succeed By Pulling A Block, Or Choose To Let Them Fail By Not Pulling If, At Any Time In The Game, The Tower Falls, The Character Of The Player Responsible Is Removed From The Game, Never To Return Their Fate Might Be Death, Insanity, Cowardice, Imprisonment, Possession, Or Something Else, As The Story Dictates Players Prone To Martyrdom Can Mollify This Somewhat By Deliberately Knocking Over The Tower, Resulting In A Heroic Or Dramatic Success Which Ultimately Consumes The Character. El sistema del Jenga lo hace muy especial El problema es que un par de partidas ya agotan la novedad. If you re reading a review for this then you re probably pretty well immersed in tabletop gaming Just in case, a brief digression There are two broad schools of gaming The boundaries are permeable and one school isn t better than the other For want of better terminology, let s go with crunchgaming and storygaming.Crunchgaming is what you think of when you think of Dungeons and Dragons Lots of rules, lots of numbers, lots of dice rolling, lots of action A game master that greatly controls the plot.Storygaming tends towards the introspective, with the goal being character development, difficult moral choices and the collaborative development of a story.Granted, these are broad generalizations, there s overlap, it s a continuum, etc.Dread is firmly a storygame Perhaps the best designed storygame.Design is actually a central theme to this review, actually.Let s start with the cover White, with the word D r e a d printed top center in a corrupted serif typeface A bloody thumbprint lies below the title, continuing across the spine to form a left handed bloodprint that fits as if you were holding the book and trying to piece together what just happened.Dread s tagline is A Game of Horror and Hope , and the book works hard to develop those twin themes as motivators for character action, game design and the playing of the game itself.The design of the gameplay is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity Wh The game is amazing Epidiah Ravachol does a fantastic job explaining the rules and giving advice to both the players and the host The layout of the book is a little off putting, but the material is golden.

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