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Madman Across the Water A highly thrilling and suspenseful horror that sure left me shocked to my bones It was written so cleverly to maximise the feeling of suspense and the author has also made very good use of the element of surprise, which is the most important element in a horror whether in a book or in a movie Trust me, this is one book you don t wanna read when you re alone Highly entertaining, highly breathtaking and highly recommended Merged review A highly thrilling and suspenseful horror that sure left me shocked to my bones It was written so cleverly to maximise the feeling of suspense and the author has also made very good use of the element of surprise, which is the most important element in a horror whether i Since before Campbelltown was even established, something tall, dark and gruesome has stalked the surrounding woods None of the townsfolk are safe, but the Wallis family has been hunted for generations Their last hope is to revisit the legends of their ancestors and listen to the advice of a madman By the time they feel the sting of unseasonal cold air, see the tide of fog approaching, and hear a haunting melody through the trees, it may already be too late.Madman Across the Water is a fantastic and unique tale, reimagining the Slender Man myth The author does a fantastic job not only with her handling of this immensely popular creepypasta subject, but also with building a broken family that the reader wants to see standing together Caroline Angel takes the time to make the characters and setting feel hyper real with superb insights and descriptions And, yes, the interactions with the faceless supernatural creature are terrifying Whether you already love all things Slender Man, or are new to this subject, this is a great read.My only issue with the book was the length of chapters at the beginning Within the first twelve pages, the reader is shifted through decades several times, introducing a lot of characters in a short span, making it difficult to keep track of everyone and find a good reading rhythm As the novel progresses, the links between the characters are clarified, but it would have been a smoother reading experience withou I absolutely adored this story It definitely had me turning the pages Never having heard of the Slenderman before reading this, had me dying to find out This was a great introduction in the urban legend Great plot, everything was pieced together quite well It was detailed but not overly so I felt the fear the children, the parents, and the townsfolk had This book let you feel the emotions and the terror from within This is a story you might not want to re What an awesome read Had me from the prologue This is a suspenseful, creepy tale of the Internet legend of the slenderman, her told in a new light and with new facets I was shocked, frightened, intrigued and completely taken in, I could not stop reading this book until I was at the last page.Like another reviewer on here I, too, woul Caroline Angel s Madman Across the Water is a horror novel about an evil in the woods that is killing people Whatever this thing is, it s not new The locals have heard about it for generations, but it s behavior is becoming drastic brutal People decide to take a stand, but the thing in the woods is merciless and powerful Does anyone stand a chance Angel writes with bone chillingly descriptive narration that paints dark scenes filled with horror As is required for horror writers, she has a knack for building tension, making your hair stand on end at all the right mom Great, spooky tale Genuinely scary in parts Highly recommended. Holy Shit I could not put this book down This story starts with a goth emo boy wandering too far into the woods and bamo The action starts, but not in a shoot em up way, a slow, creepy, slithery way The fog in the book is really creepy, and the music I swear this writer paints such a clear picture that it s like you are reading a movie I hope this really does get picked up as a movie because I can totally see it coming to the big screen and I know who I would want to play the characters I would lo I loved Madman Across the Water from Caroline Angel The book was put together in a great way and I found myself getting into the plot The book talks about something that has haunted a family for a very long time and continues to haunt them The book is very thrilling, scary and kept me on my toes throughout the entire read I had no idea what would happen next and I loved the writer s For Generations One Family Has Been Haunted By Something Somethingthat Stalks It Sees And Listens, It Watches And Follows In Theshadows And Mist It Waits, To Take You, To Hurt You, Perhaps To Killyou And If It Doesn T Kill You, You Ll Wish It Did A Creepy, Suspenseful Saga Of Family, Horror, And Mystery, This Is Onestory Sure To Leave You Frightened Of The Woods At Night, Fog, And Allthings Tall And Slender Terrific Solid book Wished it was longer..I Will be reading the next one for sure The characters in this book are very compelling This book was wonderful I really enjoyed reading it because of all the suspe

About the Author: Caroline Angel

Born as a small baby, Caroline discovered her birthday was the same day she got her name An avid watcher of television, she often dreams about weird things Mainly because when she is asleep her brain can be an asshole She is someone you don t rust around an unlocked phone.Never let her on your social media account, either Highly allergic to redundant apostrophes, she also finds her teeth hurt

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