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Weakest Lynx Year Old Lexi Sobado Is A Woman With A Psychic Gift Caught In The Middle Of A Sinister Web Of Crime And Corruption The Victim Of A Stalker, Lexi Finds Herself Romantically Entangled With The Special Agent Charged With Protecting Her Thing Is, Lexi Herself Has Worked For The Intelligence Community In The Past What She Hides, What She Reveals And What She Keeps Trying To Uncover Become The Juggling Act Our Heroine Deals With As She Tries To Save Her Own Life And Stop The Killer

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    Weakest Lynx Lynx 1 by Fiona Quinn is a book I found I really enjoyed I like the fact that the agent protecting her doesn t know she isthan capable of protecting herself Sure there is the romance angle but it is ,well, difficult since they are both married I was drawn the the paranormal part, oh yeah I like this crazy book, this girl is kick ass She can do all sorts of stuff, she has been trained by the best A Ja

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    The brightness of a hero shines it s greatest when it is confronted with the deepest darkness This book is filled with heroes that you want to applaud for, and villains who will inhabit your worst nightmares Fiona Quinn does an incredible job of breaking the mold of a thriller Her main character, Lexi Sabado, is young, beautiful, intelligent and skilled far beyond her years Lexi grew up un schooled learning a vast and vari

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    This book is about a 19yr old leonardo da vinci with the body of a victoria secret model though it s not till book 3 when they explicitly state that she has 32 DDs to go with her size 2 frame must of been hard pretending to be a boy in a loose hoodie as described in this book Its a girl that has been trained as an EMT, a rescue pilot, a martial arts expert, a sex expert but don t worry, she s still a virgin even though she is married sarcasm

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    This book is beyond amazing I would compare it to the best of Kay Hooper or a David Baldacci with a paranormal flair Then you have Lexi as a heroine with smarts and who kicks tail as well I started this book, set it aside to eat lunch, then finished it late this afternoon I could not put it down and had to wait to catch my breath to write this review I eagerly await the next book in what promises to be a great series.

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    Bitches be Critics Judging romance novels by feminist standardswww.bitchesbecritics.com Preamble Sit tight, dear reader Weakest Lynk isn t the worst book I ve ever read but it s close It s terrible TERRIBLE How this book went through beta readers and a professional editor so the acknowledgements say anyway and STILL came out this bad is a question I will ponder until the day I die.It s time for an old fashioned rant.The TL DR summary none of the characters resem

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    It s official, I m a Quinn Fangirl This book has been on my reading list for a while, but I had to get through publishing my latest in my series and I had a couple of books ahead of this I finally got to it just the week before my break between writing books ended And boy am I glad I did By the third chapter this story grabbed me with iron hooks and sucked me into a powerful vortex and a week later I emerged having read every single one of Ms Quinn s books I couldn t stop

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    I almost quit this book before I even read it, and instead I ended up gut wrenched and crying Lets just start with the beginning, Lexi is a seriously educated and gifted person Not only has she been trained for Intelligence and fighting but she has some major ESP voodoo going on as well And a seriously messed up stalker, who keeps messing with her happy days With her husband yes she is married to someone other than a MC view spoiler Lexi and the MC Striker never cross overt lines a

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    I am worn out Smooth worn out I felt like I just ran a marathon in 4 inch heels with two dogs chasing me WHILE I tried to solve a puzzle What in the hell has been happening How is this girl 20 years old and done absolutely everything you can possibly ever do in your entire life Do you know how much work and hours you have to log to get your pilot s license I mean it s not like going to take a driver s test and they toss you the keys at the end of the session Physically, mentally, emotiona I

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    Lexi can do everything, 20 years old and she s mastered everything Give me a break Just not my kind of main character.

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