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Softer than Silk Stronger than Iron (The Gleipnir Trilogy, #1) PDF Epub Softer Than Silk Stronger Than Iron The Gleipnir Trilogy, 1 Author NimblePhoenix Jwdfitness.co.uk This Is No Longer Available At AO3Sterek FanficStiles Should Have Left Them Where He Found Them And Called The Wildlife Department But With Stiles Being Stiles, And His Damn Paternal Instincts Flaring Up, Of Course He Didn T Instead He Brought Them To The Hale House Hey, If Hanging Out With Werewolves Could Constantly Get Him Into Life Threatening Situations He Should At Least Get Something Good Out Of Itlike Help Raising The Two Little Wolf Cubs He S Suddenly Fallen In Love With.He Doesn T Even Realize How Much He S Affecting Derek Unfortunately For Derek, The Rest Of The Pack Does.Words 116,397 Complete

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10 thoughts on “Softer than Silk Stronger than Iron (The Gleipnir Trilogy, #1)

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    Great Sterek, with knotting Lots of sex There are also cute wolf cubs involved and we get lots of pack time.Dragged a bit towards the end.PS, this fic is not finished, but that didn t bother me I would like to know what else happens mpreg, oh yeah , but you can read...

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    4.5 StarsI love this fic immensely Sure, it just ends abruptly obviously unfinished which is thoroughly inconvenient but it s so worth the read If it wrapped up efficiently, then this would easily be in the running for my fave Sterek fic hell, even without it being finished it s a definite fave As many people in the comments section on A03 have stated, the writing is incredible The characterizations are sp

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    I loved this fic The depiction of pack, Stiles and Derek s relationship, the Sheriff all of it T was a goody.Can t wait to read the next instalment.

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    I don t feel like I can rate this It is obviously unfinished It hasn t been updated since 2013 I had parts that I really enjoyed, but considering the length, there wasn t a lot going on I would love to see how this was supposed to end and what the other installments would ...

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    I am FINALLY finished with this any I kind of feel stupid to waste so much time on it Logically I KNEW it was unfinished but where it stopped was just AHHHH That wasn t an end that was an abandonment so I can see why the author pulled it. Not to say...

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    WIP Chapter 17

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    Really great wished it was finished though.

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    Okay, I usually NEVER read a WIP, especially one that hasn t been updated in 2 years But, I d seen comments that this one could still be read I m glad I tried it out I stopped reading at the start of Chapter 16 It seemed li...

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    3.5 Stars There were aspects about this story I really loved puppies, knotting and talks of mpreg but it really dragged at certain points I liked it enough to read the sequel if it ever comes out.

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    I m not going to rate this one I feel that something happened half way through the book and I will rate and review when the series is completed.

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