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The Waves Arisen Read The Waves Arisen Author Wertifloke Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk The Waves Arisen Is A Complete Novel Length Work Of Rationalist Naruto Fanfiction No Prior Knowledge Of The Naruto Universe Is Necessary To Follow Along.A Young Naruto Found Refuge In The Village Library, And Grew Up Smart, But By Blood He Is Ninja, And What Place Is There For Curiosity And Calculation In This Brutal World Of Warring States

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    The Waves Arisen is to me one of, if not THE best Naruto story ever written It does suffer from some fairly hefty flaws, but the good partsthan make up for it and really cement it as one of the all time greats.The downsides are pretty recognizable, as this story suffers from some of the most common flaws that rationalist stories are known for among critics The Hok

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    3.6 stars I liked this story as a rational fiction The story isn t that amusing, there isn t much character development or interesting interactions But it was enjoyable enough that kept me reading at a fast pace There are some unique scenes that I enjoyed, but there were parts that I didn t like, even parts that I hated.But I rated this book as a rational fiction I ve

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    Has some really neat ideas for battles and power exploits, while still having credible threats to keep tension up I ve never seen a story where Shadow Clones work like this, and it did a good job of exploring the idea The story also did a good job of communicating the problem with the world, the poor incentives that make everyone fight and die for ill defined, connected rea

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