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The Great Zoo of China Cue in my super sonic love for all which is cheese Hell, yes That super cheesy goopy Saturday syfy channel cheese Top it off with a clonebutwithdragonsnotdinos lovely story about dragons wreaking havoc in a Chinese park and there ya go Is this extremely similar to JP Fuck, yes However, I m always a softie for blood, heads ge You can also find this on my blog Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an arcThe Great Zoo of China tried its best to present something extraordinary, but ended up tackling a used plot and modifying it I would be lying if I say that I don t see any comparison with Jurassic Park, because this was Jurassic Park with Dragons instead of dinosaurs Nope, Mr Reilly, simply changing the country, animal, and purpose doesn t make this something new It was quite good though, but it felt like a reread of JP.The biggest pro of this novel would be the different types of dragons presented, and the amount of violence Both made the novel at least a bit interesting I was struggling to finish this when I was stuck in the middle part, but it got a bit better along the way The ending was a bit predictable, but not that bad at the same time This novel being a standalone, the author gave it a proper ending.Another somewhat good thing would be the diverse setting The author is Au The Great Zoo Of China Download Author Matthew Reilly Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Now, I Know What You Are Thinking, Hu Tang Paused You Are Thinking That There Are Hundreds Of Zoos, Why Does The World Need Another One Indeed, What Can China Do With A Zoo That Has Not Already Been Done Before Ladies And Gentlemanthis Is What We Can DoAt That Moment, The Speeding Bullet Train Burst Out Into Brilliant Sunshine And CJ Found Herself Staring At An Awesome SightIt Is A Secret The Chinese Government Has Been Keeping For Forty Years They Have Found A Species Of Animal No One Believed Even Existed It Will Amaze The World Now The Chinese Are Ready To Unveil Their Astonishing Discovery Within The Greatest Zoo Ever Constructed.A Small Group Of VIPs And Journalists Has Been Brought To The Zoo Deep Within China To See Its Fabulous Creatures For The First Time Among Them Is Dr Cassandra Jane CJ Cameron, A Writer For National Geographic And An Expert On Reptiles The Visitors Are Assured By Their Chinese Hosts That They Will Be Struck With Wonder At These Beasts, That They Are Perfectly Safe, And That Nothing Can Go WrongGET READY FOR ACTION ON A GIGANTIC SCALE. I love adventure books and movies I have no problem with over the top storylines and I can even take some flat characters But even I have a limit and this book, well its story went over that limit That doesn t mean I didn t enjoy it, partly, the beginning was fast paced and everything and CJ the main character was OK I liked the fact that she had scars on her face because perfect good looking characters are irritating to read about Her brother Hamish was also OK But you could fairly easily figure out who would live to see the end of this story and who would not there was no surprise death, there were no feelings of oh no they killed off him her and now I m sad Matthew Reilly really tried his best to write the deaths quite gruesome, but since no character that died really was someone that one cared about was it just another bloody death I mean I found the death of getting your lungs sucked out of you by a bomb awful than being bitten to death by a dragon.Two things really bothered me, the nice dragon and the fact that there was a child in the story I knew First off, I ve never read anything by this author before Apparently, he s known for writing fast and furious action novels This one is similiar to Jurassic Park, but of course with different animals Several politicians, scientists, and journalists are invited to see a very unique Chinese zoo before it opens and of course, chaos ensues This isn t a bad book It s just not a great one either, in my view The action is literally almost nonstop, if you like that sort of thing However, there s not much characterization, and it all sort of started to blend together and feel like one long never ending scene It a pretty long book I think it could have been shortened by a good hundred pages or so because editing out a few of those action scenes wouldn t have affected the story at all By about 70%, I mainly just stopped caring.If you don t know what the animals are even though there is part of one on the cover , then you might not want to read this It s not r Posted to The Literary Lawyer.ca A Big, Bad and Bloody Good Time 4 Stars Most every Matthew Reilly novel has several things in common Firstly, there are many characters but few are developed Secondly, most of those characters will die in some bloody or spectacular manner The first follows the second as there is too much dying to be done to overdevelop any one character If this has your attention than you might be a Matthew Reilly fan The Great Zoo of China is Reilly s second recent work that strays from his two ongoing series Well, technically, there was Troll Mountain but I was so thoroughly unimpressed, I pretend it doesn t exist While The Great Zoo of China has standard Reilly action, blood and destruction it is packaged differently from his other work Plot Summary China invites a contingent of VIP s from the United States as a well as contingent of journalists to document what they have called The Great Zoo of China Among them is C.J Cameron, the foremost expert in reptiles and specifically Crocodiles Upon arri Just as I was hoping, a typical feverishly fast paced nonstop action packed Matthew Reilly read that I was glued to the book from the first page to the last After the first hundred pages where all the key players of the story were established as well as the astonishing settings of the Great Zoo, the action starts literally with a bang and from then on its one big OH MY GOD OH MY GOD action sequences after another And Reilly cleverly continued all the story developments and turns of the plot on the run, like he always do.Also as per most of the Reilly novels, it is short on proper character developments and depths aside for the two or three central characters of the story, but no shortage on countless close calls, convenience and coincidences not to mention exclamation marks It is also probably one of the MOST violent and bloody books I ve ever read, worthless nameless side characters were dying left right and gallons of blood were spilling all over the place But that s okay, because all of these were happening so fast furiously that to the reader it felt like whooshing past a gruesome accident hundred miles an hour, you know there s death and carnage but it doesn t leave much affect on you And that brings u I found myself on New Year s Day with the same old conundrum that plagues a person who owns one too many books what should I start the year off with Christmas netted me even books so faced with options such as Steven Erikson s Star Trek parody, Willful Child, Emily St John Mandel sStation Eleven or even Brom s Yuletide tale, Krampus I went and chose something different instead by an author I had heard about but never sampled before Matthew Reilly s The Great Zoo of China.In the modern era, China has become a global heavyweight a country that can build new cities every year, an economy that grows at rates the West can only dream of and has a limitless supply of cheap labour to achieve its goals Culturally though, China lags behind other countries such as the US and has nothing truly its own what can you name that China is famous for other than cute and cuddly Pandas and the Great Wall China is missing its Disneyland so this is where the Great Zoo comes into play Kept secret for over 40 years, the Chinese are now ready to show off their greatest cultural attraction to the world populated by a most unique specie I had just picked this book up from the library and was driving home when a Police car flew through the air striking my car, and continued its journey into the car behind me where it proceeded to burst into flames In front of me was a large dragon, the size of a Greyhound bus, facing down a police officer with his service weapon drawn The officer fired, and the dragon s obsidian eyes narrowed to slits Suddenly the dragon lunged And the officer was torn in half, his weapon falling to the ground beside him as his intestines spilled across the pavement.I threw the car into reverse and slammed on the pedal, as the dragons eyes turned to me, his wings outstretched as he took a flying leapOnly to land in the spot I had just vacated I pounded on the brakes, throwing the car into gear and heading in the direction of my home The dragon roared, bounding after me his large frame bouncing off parked cars left and right His gaping maw reached for my car and a swipe of a fore claw took out my rear window Cranking the wheel, I turned sharply Too sharply for him to follow as he scrambled to stop before crashing into a telephone pole, tangling himself in the wires I breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly before me loomed an even larger dragon I could see from the indentations on his snout that he was an apex predator, but he was giving the marines a hell of a time as their bullets ric Find all of my reviews at IF YOU CONSIDER SOMETHING THAT IS DISCLOSED ON THE FIRST FREAKING PAGE OF A BOOK TO BE A SPOILER YOU SHOULD PROBABLY JUST MOVE ON Seriously first pageHere, there be dragonsbut reviewers have been trolled for mentioning it That s pure crazy right there EDIT I just noticed the new cover has a f % g DRAGON TAIL on it Dear Trolls Your argument is invalid Alright Now that that is out of the way, let s get on with the review.WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK Errrr, I mean THE GREAT ZOO OF CHINA A zoo of epic proportions and filled with specimens we humans thought were only able to be conjured up by our imagination or by George R R Martin After journalists like CJ Cameron and various other VIPs tell others about their tour, The Great Zoo will make Disneyland seem like a joke The Great Zoo of China received a mediocre response from most of my friends here on Goodreads Leave it to me to be the oddball What s a girl to do I don t generally read reviews of books I plan on reading especially ARCs , but I did

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Matthew Reilly is a New York Times best selling author of eight novels that have been published in eighteen languages in twenty countries He has sold than 3.5 million copies worldwide.

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