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I Am Forbidden What do you do when religious law and life collide This is a disquieting story about two young girls who have very different reactions to their religious upbringing Beautiful, tender, and SO HEARTBREAKING As I mentioned after reading, Unorthodox The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, understanding the beginnings of the Hasidic movement makes these stories characters much tragic I have both read and heard tell that some believe this to be autobiographical So Either way, Anouk Markovits, does an excellent job portraying the lives of the one who left and the one who stayed And, neither women had it easy LAST, Anouk Marovits, lived Women s friendshipsMarkovits writes of a Romanian Jewish community during World War II They are from the Satmar sect and have very strict beliefs and traditions There are two sets of parents, one trying to flee to safety and another attacked in their home, are murdered by fascists Left behind are two children, one from each family, each is rescued The boy is adopted by the family maid She s a Christian and tries to keep him safe by teaching him to pass by adopting Christianity and pretending to be her own child Though she s misguided she loves him very much The girl is adopted and raised as a devout Jew by her father s Talmud study partner and bought up with his ever growing family in France.I found the immersion in this unique culture fascinating but also heartbreaking both because of the World War II atrocities but also because of how unbending and unforgiving the Satmar tradition seems to be I also found this culture extremely loving and caring This contradiction is at the heart of the story I was reminded of Lisa See s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan for two reasons Se Read I Am Forbidden By Anouk Markovits I Am Forbidden Is A Powerful Portrayal Of Family, Sisters, Faith And History Which Sweeps The Reader From Pre War Transylvania To Present Day New York, Via Paris And England Immersive, Beautiful, Moving, It Exposes In Devastating Detail What Happens When Unwavering Love, Unyielding Law And Centuries Of Tradition Collide This Is A Gem Of A Novel For Readers Who Enjoyed The Tiger S Wife, The Red Tent Or The 19th Wife. PART 1 is my initial Goodreads entry in response to the book PART 2 is the review I wrote for the Washtenaw Jewish News.1 The writing is elegant, concise, sometimes brilliantly stark The Yiddishkeit flows naturally unlike several books I ve read of late which drowns under research French, Yiddish, English, Hungarian language and culture all figure in the moving and provocative story Markovitz follows a Szatmar family as they move from Transylvania to Paris to New York, gaining and losing members along the way The Szatmar rebbe s rejection of Zionism figures centrally in the story, as it emerges that this towering figure of the Szatmar community survived the holocaust by making a deal with the Zionist leaders he excoriates A Szatmar family at the story s center suffers horribly In the end, the family s survivors thrive, though a key member of the family the author s double leaves the fold In the book, this character, who disappears for much of the book, reappears as a filmmaker in NY, when beckoned by her sister As girls, they were inseparable As adults, they were estranged Among the central, inspired themes of the novel is the story of Tamar, who sinned to stay pure a paradox Judah, her father in law proclaims her righteous than himself The author s inspired choice of this biblical tale is arresting 2 Washtenaw Jewish News I Am Forbidden is a stunning novel Written with eloquence and economy, it follows several generations of a This book took me by surprise as my hopes for it were entirely to low Perhaps it s because I ve read many books about the Hasidic Sect of Judaism but this book steps very far apart from those I ve read before This author can write and it s seems that based on her own personal history, she writes what she knows.Although there was a slightly elusive beginning to this book and I felt like I was lost, it took no time to grab me and suck me in to this fanatical world of the Hasidic sect called the Satmar From the fields of Transylvania to the streets of both Paris and Williamsburg, NY, this story unfolds between two sisters and a boy from their past who watched his family be murdered by the Nazi s This book presents us with ethical questions within religion, the love of family, the full circle of life and the choices we make and ultimately how they affect others Beautifully written is many short chapters and short sections some of which read like I am mystified by meandering rivers I ve never seen one in person, but I ve seen photos and these have grabbed my attention Part of what makes these rivers so beautiful are their wide arcs back and forth If you were on any point of one of these rivers, you d see things differently You might, at first, think the river that flowed parallel to yours was a different river that would eventually merge with your own.Much in the same way, I Am Forbidden meanders through scenery that is beautiful heading for a destination that seems clear one moment, then changes Zoom out and you ll find a story that looks similar to this river A story that goes this way, then that It s than 2 3 of the way through the novel before the story the real story at the heart of this novel begins to come into focus.Some will see this as poor planning Others may see it as the writer s style, or maybe they ll propose an underlying theme in the drifting story I m not sure why Markovits covered such a broad range in a novel that could have been much focused, but it s not something your average writer would undertake To be clear, I Am Forbidden has a focal point in a small cast of characters, but the places they go, the events they experience, so much of it doesn t seem necessary to the story itself So, in my opinion, it may be a little too easy for a reader to scratch their head for than 200 I started this book on Friday morning and I had to make myself put it down to go to bed Friday night I then ignored my wife Saturday morning to finish I raced through this book because I loved the two main ish female characters their world might have been alien to me but I felt like I knew them, and I had to know where they ended up.This is essentially a family saga, beginning around World War II and ending in about 2007 Starting in Romania in the late 1920s, the story roughly follows two Jewish children, Josef and Mila, who are part of a conservative Hasidic sect Orphaned by violent antisemitism and World War II, Josef and Mila are taken in by Zalman Stern and his family Josef is eventually sent to New York City to study with the community s beloved rabbi while Mila moves with the Sterns to Paris Mila becomes close to Zalman s daughter Atara.Faced with the secular world so directly, the Sterns also struggle with the changing s and values in the Jewish community Zionism, reform movements, lingering antisemitism and eventually both Mila and Atara are sent to a As eastern Europe is fractured during World War II, the Satmar Rebbe of Transylvania makes a miraculous escape to America and begins building a new community in the Williambsurg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York meanwhile, those of his Transylvanian followers who survive the war are dispersed throughout Europe Zalman Stern, his wife Hannah, and their growing family end up in Paris, where they are eventually joined by two young orphans Josef was the only survivor of the brutal murder of his family, rescued and raised as her son by their Christian maid several years later, Josef rescues Mila after her parents are killed chasing after a train the very train on which the Satmar Rebbe is leaving When both children end up in the care of the Sterns, Mila remains with them to be raised as a sister to their eldest daughter, Atara, while Josef is dispatched to Williamsburg to study with the Rebbe himself Josef and Mila will be reunited a few years later when their marriage is arranged The Sterns daughter Atara will find herself on a different path her curiosity about the secular world s This novel is truly a seminal work on the topic of Jewish Fundamentalism With unparalleled detail and poignant storytelling, this saga of a Satmar family explores and debunks the myths upon which the extreme version of Judaism we know today was founded, and it does so with a resounding clang I found myself gripping the edge of my seat quite a few times, holding my breath while I waited to see how the characters in this novel would fi And Onan knew that the seed should not be his and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother s wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.Well shit, I was totally not expecting that twist at the end KAPOW.I gobbled this up in one evening and I don t think it s a novel per se yeah I know that is such a useless categorization when you have books like the Odyssey and David Markson it was like a very long tale by a storyteller, or a collection of them It had a real fairytale atmosphere, even though it was about horribly modern s a real hybrid These aren t even criticisms Obviously the book knocked me on my ass and parts of it are beautiful and nearly all the characters are amazing It reminded me a little bit of Briar Rose by Jane Yolen except the focus was all on the women.I do think there was one big structural problem with the book up to A s leaving the family it s pretty much a day by day chronologically intact novel with minute psychological observations, and after that, BOOM, major time skips, and the chapters are much shorter the wedding, then five years then ten years then R s birth then ten years then R getting married then J s bi

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