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The Ultimate Betrayal The Ultimate Betrayal Free Download Author Hope Bohanec Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Drawing On Peer Reviewed Research, Worker And Rescuer Testimony, And Encounters With The Farm Animals Themselves, The Ultimate Betrayal Discusses The Recent Shift In Raising And Labeling Animals Processed For Food And The Misinformation Surrounding This New Method Of Farming This Book Explores How Language Manipulates Consumers Concepts About Sustainability, Humane Treatment, And What Is Truly Healthy It Answers Important Questions Surrounding The Latest Small Scale Farming Fad Is This Trend The Answer To The Plentiful Problems Of Raising Animals For Food What Do The Labels Actually Mean Are These Products Humane, Environmentally Friendly, Or Healthy Can There Really Be Happy Meat, Milk, Or Eggs With Case Studies And Compelling Science, The Ultimate Betrayal Increases Awareness Of The Issues Surrounding Our Treatment Of Animals, Global Health, And Making Better Food Choices The Ultimate Betrayal Is A Well Rounded And Thoroughly Researched Book That Touches The Heart With An Honest And Unflinching Look At The Reality Behind Humane Labels With Real Life Examples From Multiple Viewpoints And Thought Provoking Philosophical Underpinnings, The Ultimate Betrayal Is A Must Read For Anyone Interested In Ethical Food Choices Dawn Moncrief, Founder, A Well Fed World

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    This is a book that was begging to be written With humane, happy, and sustainable meat popping up everywhere, someone had to set the record straight.While virtually any alternative to factory farming is an improvement for animals, this new

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    Pet peeve When you are publishing a book, make sure you get rid of all typos and grammatical errors There were several in this book Sheesh.Not a perfect book, but there are a lot of good points here Well worth reading In the same way that one cannot

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    No Such Thing as Happy MeatsGood information but author was a bit overly sentimental I understand being compassionate toward the animals that are suffering However, I don t believe that people who eat meat should be villianized for making that choice...

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    There was a lot of information that I already knew but a lot I didn t I had no idea how bad eggs are for you I also didn t know that chickens are so clever I also had no idea how much dairy contributes to suffering Reading this has made it clear to me that I need to rem

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    Oh this book is so so close to being what I wanted, yetThere are too many places where the author uses opinion as fact, and does not provide her resources Which I will copy right now, as I don t have my full notes available There are several grammatical errors that make me cringe

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    Nothing new in this book it describes vegan moral dillemas and advocating plant based diet like a dozen similar works that are, in my opinion, better sources of information like Collin T.Campbell Altough it advocates veganism mainly for moral reasons, it never mentio...

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    This book was eye opening for me I learned a lot not only about the plight of our farmed animals, but on the issues such as global warming and the causes behind it Very important information within those pages I feel that I aminformed

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    Well written, concise arguments Highly recommended.

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    If you are looking for a good overview of why we need to go vegan, here you go.

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    I recommend this book curious about veganism or wanting to makeethical choices as consumers.

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