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Beyond The Last Blue Mountain This Is The Biography Of J.R.D Tata, The Patriarch Of The Biggest Industrial House In India, Comparable In Stature To Forbes, Rockefeller Or Du Pont He Pioneered Aviation In India, And Presided Over The Development Of The Country S Steel, Cement, Truck And Vegetable Oils Industry.

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    on Jamsetji He was decades ahead of his time miles ahead of his competitors Jamnalal Bajaj on R.D Tata If all businessmen in India would acquire half his love for things Indian, there is no reason why all our enterprises should not flourish The depth of J R D Tata s love and passion of India can be understood by comparing the following statements Alfred Solan What is good for General Motors is good for America J

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    An easy read. An insight into the life and times of one of the greatest industrialists is India. Filled with interesting anecdotes and inspiring incidents, it s a breeze to go thru..However, it completely steers clear of any controversial or grey aspects of JRD s personality. Which is a shortcoming

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    Super Man and super book A must read to know about the greatest Indian Company.

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    Excellent book to read This book not only encapsulates the zestful, effervescent life of JRD but also goes on to illustrate the wide ranging contributions of JRD and the Tata group to India One gets to experience a slice of history years after Independence especially in the areas of industrial and public policy sector the state of industries and how policies were made then.What was surprising for me is the degree of contributions JRD spearhea

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    Gives a very detailed account of JRD s life, which also seems to reflect the workings of TATA as a company The chapters do not fall in chronological order but rather dealt as major events in his life The book also reflects the how things are done during the 50 s, 60 s and 70 s of India Detailed summaries from letter correspondences between JRD and other personalities finely illustrates his eloquence in communication Many detailed aspects into his life

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    For every Indian knowing TATA empire is the most facinating thing I started reading this book for the same reason This is the best book to understand TATA You will learn many aspect about TATAs and reluctance between TATA and Indian government with strategy to development of the India.How Tata gave ...

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    One of the best books I have ever read This is an amazing tale of a leader who changed India for better This book is an amalgamation of entrepreneurship and philanthropy and why Tatas lead the way in change be it in business or giving back to society A must read for all.

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    I read this book along with the other one on Jamsetji Tata I loved the sheer patriotism shown by the Tata Enterprise and family members Both the books can get a bit draggy but they are still amazing reads about stellar icons and captains of the industry The Tatas were single handedly responsible for most of the early tools placed at our citizens disposal The books are a must read for all of us to understand what all Tatas had gone through to establish some of the earliest industrie

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    This is a biography and as biographies go, it is quite extensive an account of the life and times of J.R.D Tata henceforth called Jeh Divided into 4 sections, the book takes us through Jeh s family heritage and the circumstances of his birth, followed by his childhood and coming of age as the assistant to one of the directors at Tata Steel as well as his courtship with Thelma Vicaji This concludes the first section and builds up some excitement about the most important contribution by Jeh Th

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    In 1962, on the thirtieth anniversary of the first flight of Air India, JRD Tata re enacted the original Bombay Karachi flight in a vintage Airplane He had taken this flight, he said, to remind his employees that the great airline we serve today was built from the smallest of beginnings, with littleto sustain it than the Love, the Sweat and the Devotion of those who worked for it The contributions Tata s have made to India and the world is commendable I loved this book Many freed In 1962, on the thirt

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