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Cracked (Soul Eaters, #1) PDF Epub Cracked Soul Eaters, 1 Author Eliza Crewe Oknalubliniec.eu Meet Meda She Eats People.Well, Technically, She Eats Their Soul But She Totally Promises To Only Go For People Who Deserve It She S Special It S Not Her Fault She Enjoys It She Can T Help Being A Bad Guy Besides, What Else Can She Do Her Mother Was Killed And It S Not Like There Are Any Other Soul Eaters Around To Show Her How To Be Different That Is, Until The Three Men In Suits Show Up.They Can Do What She Can Do They Re Like Her Meda Might Finally Have A Chance To Figure Out What She Is The Problem They Kind Of Want To Kill Her Before They Get The Chance Meda Is Rescued By Crusaders, Members Of An Elite Group Dedicated To Wiping Out Meda S Kind This Is Her Chance Play Along With The Good Guys And She Ll Finally Figure Out What, Exactly, Her Kind Is.Be Careful What You Wish For Playing Capture The Flag With Her Mortal Enemies, Babysitting A Teenage Boy With A Hero Complex, And Trying To Keep One Step Ahead Of A Too Clever Girl Are Bad Enough But The Hunger Is Gaining On Her.The She Learns, The Worse It Gets And When Meda Uncovers A Shocking Secret About Her Mother, Her Past, And Her Destiny She May Finally Give Into It.

About the Author: Eliza Crewe

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cracked (Soul Eaters, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Eliza Crewe author readers around the world.

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    5 ENTIRELY DESERVED AND BRIGHT STARS I m going to be VERY honest with you guys I want to eat this book Nom nom.I want to devour every word and every chapter slowly and taste its flavours because, if it s as amazing as the reading was, it may be even better than pizza Or sushi Or ice cream Nom nom.Yes, believe it or not, it s the truth.Cracked is the most entertaining book I ve

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    I really, really fucking hate it when a character in a book refers to a character in another book and exclaims She s just like me No, beeyotch, you are not Elizabeth Bennet snaps fingers No, you are not Juliet Do you even realize how stupidly the characters in Romeo Juliet behaved Nuh uh Don t you dare make that claim.Therefore, it is with the greatest amount of shame and hypocritical h

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    Yes Fuck yes This was fucking awesome How awesome, you ask Well, the last YA book that gave me these kinds of feels was Angelfall THAT WAS OVER THREE YEARS AGO.If you look at Crewe s author page, you ll learn that she s an avid reader It shows Only a true devourer of literature would know how to avoid so many tropes and themes There were none in this book At least none of the ones that piss me o

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    Fuck yeah Can I give the book 5 stars and give Meda 10 Is that possible Love her JustMeda..ALL THE STARS Just take them, you snarky little bitch She is, hands down, the best female protagonist I have ever had the privilege to read about.It s not that she s really evil, per say I mean, she does sort of eat people occasionally, but most of them deserved it cough But what really impressed me was her inner d

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    Better to die for something you believe in than to live for nothing at allview spoiler Oh, Uri cries hide spoiler Five times ten LMAO stars Meet Meda She cacklesShe hissesShe whistles in her head at the sight of a perfectly toned six packShe refers to teens as human larvae and to toddlers as little monsters She s the smartest, most unconventional, most adorably hilarious, kick ass half demon heroine there is And

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    Ok, hang on a minute Now I m back.This book Meda is a bad girl..well she sometimes is She is human souls Just the bad guys so relax I fricking loved her I think I liked most of the characters in this book All of them are fleshed out and are great on their own JO Put them all together and you have SHAZAM I wanted to quote this whole book but that would stop you from reading and you so want to read it Run don t walk to get

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    My morality is almost a contortionist It wasn t so much the plot as it was E V E R Y T H I N G It was the characters oh my god Meda and Jo , the writing, the humor, the adventures, the innocents and the evils It was basically every single thing that made up one hell of an awesomely pure entertainment of a book if you want to write a story about the chosen one , this is the way you do it Otherwise I don t think you should bother T

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    I was just going to follow along the discussion thread at Buddies Books and Baubles but then I re read the first chapter and screw it I m all in again.Buddy Read with V cky Catherine, Jessica maybe , Kerry, Sandra, Liz, Tanya, Tandie, Sh3lly and a few stalkers to be named later when I figure out who they are sneaky stalkers and their capesWas it as good as the first time I read it Well not quite I noticed some of the silly high school stuf

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    Don t be distracted by Tommy Hanks I m the one in the yellow dress.BR with my BBB s buddies.Yep, it s true Cracked lives up to its hype Even though it s not perfect, Cracked kicks every YA book s ass out there that saysWe re YA, we ll use the same formula, we re cool enough Well, shame on you because Eliza Crewe knows how to write an amazing book that will help you getting out of a damn reading slump if that s what it takes One star is for Meda th

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    Find all of my reviews at StarsI eat souls The packaging can be tricky, but fortunately I am blessed with special skills to pry my meals from their pesky shells My teeth rip skin my jaws snap bones I am fast, lightning fast, snuff oh was that your life fastHoly f What did I just read Permission denied Keep your s t together, Mitchell This soooooooo should not have been a success for Kelly and the Book Boar YA fantasy Find all of my reviews at StarsI eat sou

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