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論語 [Lún Yǔ] Confucius Emphasized Morality, The Proprieties Correctness Of Social Relationships As Well As Justice And Sincerity A Major Goal Of His Conversations Was To Get His Disciples To Think Deeply For Themselves By Relentless Study Of The World Confucius Values Gained Prominence In China Over All Other Doctrines And, In Time, His Thoughts Were Developed Into A System Of Philosophy Known As Confucianism It Is Difficult For People Outside China To Realize Just How Great An Influence Confucius Has Had On Chinese Thought To This Day, Even In Communist China, There Are Temples To Confucius In Almost Every City And Every Year Spectacular Memorial Ceremonies Are Held Honoring Confucius And His Philosophy.

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Confucius was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher, whose teachings and philosophy have deeply influenced Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese thought and life Born 551 BC Died 479 BC aged 71 72 Kong Zi Kong Fuzi Kung Fu Tzu

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    Is it not indeed a pleasure to acquire knowledge and constantly to exercise oneself therein It really is It s a noble pursuit, forever trying to learn and improve and become the best you possible And in a way, that s the main drive behind these teachings self imp

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    The Master said, It is only the most intelligent and the most stupid who are not susceptible to change Confucius, The Analects, XVII.3I rarely re read books An exception to this rule are ethical or religious texts I love Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and will read this in

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    In a class taught by General George S Patton, IV at the George Washington University in the early 80 s, reflecting on his experience in Vietnam, he summarized the failure of US policy in SE Asia as a failure to understand the history and culture of the region.Years later as I prepared to de

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    It s depressing to think that the teachings of Confucius constituted a religion in most of East Asia i.e they were wise sayings and stories of a great man from a certain time, that have been selectively reinterpreted by kings and heads of state, force fed to generations of schoolchildren in various eras as a

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    Confucius has a lot of wisdom Anyone who is serious about living life well would do well to read the Analects.Poignant Quotes If you try to guide the common people with coercive regulations and keep them in line with punishments, the common people will become evasive and will have no sense of shame If, however, you g

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    There are two things that are commonly labeled philosophy The first is philosophy sensu strictu, which deals with technical problems in its various branches, such as epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, etc The other is what one could call a philosophy of life , a vague category that one encounters in religious texts, wo

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    The political sayings of a Chinese master22 June 2011 While I have credited the writing of this work to Confucius, it was not actually written by him but rather by his disciples Thus Confucius joins Socrates and Jesus Christ of having an enormous influence upon the world without actually writing anything down though this is not correc

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    You can t review the Analects But you can review editions of the Analects, and this one, translated and commented upon by Annping Chin, is one of the great editions of any philosophy book I ve ever come across The translation clear without being condescending, and Chin includes the Chinese text at the back of the book Her comments are fascinat

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    One of the great classics of world literature Worth reading for the parts that still apply Confucius describes himself as a transmitter, not an originator The book may not contain any original sayings Its main philosophical idea is to avoid extremes That s also an ancient Greek idea One can do no better than to follow that precept In some places, the o

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