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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Harry Potter Is Leaving Privet Drive For The Last Time But As He Climbs Into The Sidecar Of Hagrid S Motorbike And They Take To The Skies, He Knows Lord Voldemort And The Death Eaters Will Not Be Far Behind.The Protective Charm That Has Kept Him Safe Until Now Is Broken But The Dark Lord Is Breathing Fear Into Everything He Loves And He Knows He Can T Keep Hiding.To Stop Voldemort, Harry Knows He Must Find The Remaining Horcruxes And Destroy Them.He Will Have To Face His Enemy In One Final Battle Jkrowling.com

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    I m going to keep going until I succeed or die Don t think I don t know how this might end I ve known it for years Harry PotterMost seventeen year olds don t view the possibility of an early death as being, well, possible But then again, most seventeen year olds haven t come face to face with death almos

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    It s hard for me to believe that I finished the Harry Potter series I wish this series would go on forever I don t know how I ve gone through my life without these books I regret not reading it when I was younger, but I am so happy that I finally did, better late than never, right The world built in these books is so real a

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    Ok, before I start a few warnings This will contain spoilers though since I m writing this a year after the release I don t think it s too much of a tragedy , it will be long and it will be negative because I really didn t like this book.Reading books one to five I was very impressed with the storytelling from a novice novelli

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    All was well.

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    Sigh I just can t

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    I hadn t read this book in so long it s been great to reread it and notice all the details I had forgotten It was perfect for the holidays even though this one is quite dark

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    This is just a pithy review on the Harry Potter series as a whole It is not an in depth analysis of the work in general, nor is it a review on any one particular installment Harry Potter is a work of art I got made fun of once when I was out to dinner with some friends, because while we were discussing these books I made the mistake of referring to them as li

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    A 86% Extraordinary Notes It ends too expository and convenient, but the story s compelling, and its new settings are a nice break from formula.

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    . 7 And to You, If You Have Stuck With Harry Until The Very End 2002 4 It felt most strange to stand here in the silence and know that he was about to leave the house for the last time Long ago, when he had been left alone while the Dursleys went out to enjoy themselves, the hours of solitude had been a rare treat Pausing only to sneak something tasty from the fridge, he had rushed upstairs

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    Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows It was the end of an era, and then it wasn t.I can t express how thankful I am, for this series, for this world, for the magic, power and love behind J.K Rowling s words I don t know what I would be without Harry Potter.

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