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The Sea Road A Haunting, Compelling Historical Novel,The Sea Road Is A Daring Retelling Of The Th Century Viking Exploration Of The North Atlantic From The Viewpoint Of One Extraordinary Woman Gudrid Lives At The Remote Edge Of The Known World, In A Starkly Beautiful Landscape Where The Sea Is The Only Connection To The Shores Beyond It Is A World Where The Old Norse Gods Are Still Invoked Even As Christianity Gains Favor, Where The Spirits Of The Dead Roam The Vast Northern Ice Fields, Tormenting The Living, And Viking Explorers Plunder Foreign Shores Taking The Accidental Discovery Of North America As Its Focal Point, Gudrid S Narrative Describes A Multilayered Voyage Into The Unknown, All Recounted With Astonishing Immediacy And Rich Atmospheric Detail

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    The Sea Road is an imaginative and beautifully written attempt to recreate the life of an Icelandic woman called Gudrun Thorbjarnadottir If you have no idea who that is, that s ok Not many will know who she is She is a Norse woman, who appears in the Icelandic Sagas, the wife of Karsefni, of the few Norse adventurer

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    It s not very often that we get to see from a woman s viewpoint in a work of historical fiction in this time period early middle ages Margaret Elpinstone s brilliantly researched book The Sea Road portrays the life of Gudrid Thorbjornsdottir, now a national hero of Iceland She lived in the household of Erik the Red and marrie

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    I felt this book had such promise but it didn t deliver I thought it would beenthralling than it was one woman s journeys in the Viking Age In Rome, an Icelandic priest at the behest of a cardinal, is transcribing the life s story of an old woman, Gudrid She has come there on a pilgrimage We read of her girlhood, two marriages, childre

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    This is a wonderful novel, based on the travels of Gudrid who was the furthest travelled woman in the Viking era The reader feels really absorbed into the story and experiences the discomforts of the travel sleeping in damp cloaks in the boats, living through hard winters with little food and the beauty and harshness of the natural world We clim

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    This haunting book, set in Iceland, Greenland and Vinland, and on the sea that connects these lands, transports the reader a thousand years back through time Back to when ordinary people didn t read or write or have access to mirrors When people improvised to build seaworthy ships It s a spiritual journey, too Near the end of her life, Gudrid made a pilgr

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    This book was a wonderful indulgence as I ve been recovering from a cold this week With the wind howling outside, The Sea Road took me to medieval Iceland, the first settlement of Greenland and beyond to North America This fascinating historical novel is the story of Gudrid of Iceland, daughter in law to the explorer Erik the Red, as she accompanies her countrymen

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    Love Love Love This just might be my favorite 2011 read I love Gudrid, I love her story, and I can not get over how much I enjoyed this book It s the story of the 11th centrury Islandic woman Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir Gu r ur orbjarnard ttir as transcribed by the fictive Icelandic monk Agnar, when they are both in Italy she for her pilgrimage, he for church government Gudrid

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    Not only is this a wonderful book, it s a great example of what good historical fiction looks and reads like I would say that if you are a fan of Medieval European Viking Age history, this book will be right up your alley Bookend it with Donna Jo Napoli s Hush and you have yourself a nice little reading list that is the next best thing to time travel.My only complaint with this book i

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    Just so slow, too literary When I found myself skimming whole pages while still in the first 10%, I knew this wasn t the book for me Nothing was happening, just a long, indulgent stroll through the POV character s childhood Here are some paragraph opening lines The daily business of our lives lay in Orm s pastures and hayfields We caught mostly guillemots from the clifss, but also kittiwakes, g

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    This wonderful, evocative novel tells the story of a remarkable woman In her youth, Gudrid was one of a small company of settlers who sailed west beyond the known world to the shores of Vinland, a country of grain, grapes and timber, with the ambition of setting up a traders camp there Now an old woman, she has turned her face east and made a pilgrimage from the borders of the world to its centre, in Rom

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