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Laburnum For My Head Every May Something Extraordinary Happens In The New Cemetery Of The Sleepy Little Town S Laburnum Tree, With Buttery Yellow Blossoms, Flowers Over The Spot Where Lentina Is Buried A Brave Hunter, Imchanok, Totters When The Ghost Of His Prey Haunts Him, Till He Offers It A Tuft Of His Hair As A Prayer For Forgiveness Pokenmong, The Servant Boy, By Dint Of His Wit, Sells An Airfield To Unsuspecting Villagers A Letter Found On A Dead Insurgent Blurs The Boundaries Between Him And An Innocent Villager, Both Struggling To Make Ends Meet A Woman S Terrible Secret Comes Full Circle, Changing Her Daughter S And Granddaughter S Lives As Well As Her Own An Illiterate Village Woman S Simple Question Rattles An Army Officer And Forces Him To Set Her Husband Free A Young Girl Loses Her Lover In His Fight For The Motherland, Leaving Her A Frightful Legacy And A Caterpillar Finds Wings.From The Mythical To The Modern, Laburnum For My Head Is A Collection Of Short Stories That Embrace A Gamut Of Emotions Heartrending, Witty And Riddled With Irony, The Stories Depict A Deep Understanding Of The Human Condition.

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    Getting home from an extended vacation translates into a current of exhilaration home sweet home uttering many, feel a certain sense of succulent energy run through them as they slump into couches long undone and waiting The unkempt bed appears inviting and one does well to forget the fluffy hotel bedding just left behind The home made food seeps easy on the palate, almost

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    This Temsula Ao s second short story collection I still haven t read the first These Hills Called Home Ao lives and teaches in Shilong, in the North East of India, a part of the country that faces problems of endemic neglect by the centre and ongoing conflicts between the Army and Maoist rebels It is also, from what I ve gleaned from pictures and accounts by friends from those

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    There are so many highly acclaimed literary awards Booker, Pulitzer, Orange, what not In fact, how many Booker winners and shortlisted have I read I have read a few Indian literary awards too like Shakti Bhatt First Book and Hindu Literary Prize but I have left behind the father of them all Sahitya Akademi Award The official literary award of India When I came across this book on so

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    In my search for reading contemporary Indian literature, I realized that we have maybe consciously ignored a very important part of India, in our study of literature, history or even geography So whenrecommended me this book, I was fairly surprised to see the ease of storytelling and the uniqueness of plot that each of the eight short stories pre...

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    This is a book of short stories by the Padma Shri winner Temsula Ao, a retired English professor at the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong In 2013, she was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award based on this collection of stories.Because this is a diverse collection, encompassing many themes and writing styles, I will give a brief introduction to each Laburnum for my head A woman loves the L

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    I do not know why I kept putting off reading this slim book forthan 2 years Today when I started, I was done in a seating This is Temsula Ao s second book Stories are beautifully crafted in simple, lyrical language that it is imperative that you finish a story in a single sitting.I loved the first two stories a the title story, The Laburnum for my head, about a women s desire to have beautiful lab

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    A beautiful collection of stories in the north eastern part of India

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    Temsula Ao is a strong voice from North east Her book Laburnum For My Head is a slim book with collection of eight short stories These stories are crafted beautifully with rich language and can be read in one sitting I loved the stories Laburnum for My Head, Death of a Hunter, Three Women, Flight, The Boy Who Sold an Airfield, first two being the best The first one is the story of woman who desires to plant

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    A female perspective of the social and political lives in North Eastern India Interesting insight on a slice of life mainstream India wouldn t be exposed to but for the writings of able authors like Temsula Strong female protagonist...

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    Books are meant to tell stories which are so far unheard of They transport us to new places, new culture, and sometimes help us see the things that are ubiquitous yet go unnoticed But the charm, or the soul, of the book does not lie in the stories of far away places They are merely a tool wielded in different ways by different authors to tell a far deeper motive The soul of the book lies in its emotional appeal, whic

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