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White Cat No Es Agradable Despertarse A Medianoche En El Tejado Del Internado Completamente Desnudo Sin Saber C Mo Has Podido Llegar Hasta All Y Recordar Nicamente Que Estabas So Ando Con Una Gata Blanca.Cassel Sharpe Pertenece A Una Familia Donde Todos Tienen Poderes Y Los Utilizan Clandestinamente Su Madre Est Entre Rejas Por Timar A Millonarios, Su Abuelo Y Su Hermano Mayor Trabajan Para Una De Las Grandes Familias De La Mafia Tan Solo Su Hermano Mediano, Que Estudia En La Universidad, Y L Est N Al Margen El Primero Porque No Utiliza Su Habilidad, Y Cassel Porque No Posee Ninguna Siempre Ha Sido El Raro En Su Familia, Por Carecer De Poderes Fuera De Ella, Por La Familia Que Tiene Aunque Cassel Solo Aspira A Ser Normal , Y Lo Es En Todos Los Aspectos Salvo Por Un Peque O Detalle Hace Tres A Os Se Despert Y Descubri Que Hab A Matado A Lily, Su Mejor Amiga E Hija Del Capo Local La Familia Tuvo Que Encubrirlo Ahora, Sinembargo, Empiezan A Sucederle Cosas Raras At first when I read the blurb I saw mobsters and con artists and was like, I don t know man, that doesn t sound good I ve loved everything else so far by Holly Black, so I was like, well, let me go ahead and take a chance on this Plus, what a weirdly cool title And I LOVE weird things Cassel was so awesome, and it felt nice 4.5 starsHolly Black, where have you been my whole life We are, largely, who we remember ourselves to be That s why habits are so hard to break If we know ourselves to be liars, we expect not to tell the truth If we think of ourselves as honest, we try harder.But what happens when you are forced to doubt every single memory that makes you who you are This book has definitely made it to my top ten young adult books list It came at the right time and it was just what I needed angst free and fun Let s start with the main character, Cassel whom I keep calling Vincent for obvious reasons I love it when female authors succeed in creating a strong male voice, a thing that doesn t happen often enough Lish McBride did it in Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Holly Black did it with Cassel I really felt like I was inside a boy s head That s not to say that Cassel didn t have emotional moments and uncertainties, of course he did, they were just handled differently In creating this character, Black followed all the usual conventions, but in a way that was new and refreshing For example, I just want to be normal is a very common problem for YA protagonists and I usually find it eyeroll inducing With Cassel it felt genuine, probably because he didn t whine about it, but instead acted in such a way that made him look like other people his age The desire was present in all his decisions from the school he chose to attended to the girl he used to date Cass Curse workers hated, feared, beloved.Some can make you forget your own name Others can kill you with a single touch Rarest of all some can even transform you into something entirely different.But don t forget, their powers are a curse They experience a backlash with every use of their powers If a luck worker gives you good fortune, they will experience a pleasant kickback If they give too much luck, they may spend forever in a blissed out state The backlash can be unpredictable if a death worker kills you, part of them will die a tooth, or a finger, or maybe even their heart Most curse workers are tied to the black market or other criminal enterprises Cassel s family is in the thick of it Clever as the devil and twice as pretty Cassel comes from a long line of curse workers and criminals He s the only one from his family without powers but he does his best to keep up with the family business whether it be running an illegal betting ring in his high school or scamming tourists with trinkets I can t trust the people I care about not to hurt me And I m not sure I can trust myself not to hurt them, either. Oh, and he killed 4.5 starsI really, really enjoyed pretty much everything about this book An exciting mystery, memorable characters and a touch of magic I can t express how excited I am about reading Red Glove as soon as possible.Holly Black is an author that never really did anything for me before I gave up on Tithe after reading just one chapter, and her Spiderwick Chronicles weren t bad children s books but they didn t really stand out from the masses either White Cat was completely different, I was addicted from chapter one I loved Cassel the protagonist and found his voice believably male but easily relatable for me at the same time The story is laced with humour from the very first page when we are introduced to our protagonist dangling from a roof in his underwear.Basically, Cassel comes from a family of curse workers those who have various gifts such as memory manipulation, dream manipulation, etc and struggles with the burden of being ungifted and, therefore, an outsider even in his own home Oh, and he happened to murder his best friend three years ago Despite this, he

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